​Halls of Horror

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​​We are an adult haunt - we're offensive and messy  Please leave your sensitivities,  your children and good clothes at home.

Halls of Horror Haunted House

halls of horror

It all started with a creepy basement in an empty building.

state rules

release forms are required

yes we touch you - no you can not touch us back

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HALLS OF HORROR in Palmerton, home of THE Blood Experience.  We know there are plenty of haunted attractions to pick from.  But our haunt is HARDCORE.  Halls of Horror haunted house is not for the lightweight horror fan or those who are sensitive to abusive language and mature content.  We love Halloween and spend all year long getting ready to give you the best scare of your life.

At our haunt you and your friends go through in small groups - no squeezing you in like cattle.  And, if your group is too large we split it up into smaller groups.  Yes, we touch you, No you can't touch us back.  If you're uncomfortable with any of this, This is not the haunt for you.

We also host an optional BLOOD EXPERIENCE.  It's the messy physically extreme version of our haunt.  It's not like anything else you've ever experienced!



2017 schedule

320 Delaware Ave, Palmerton, Pa

Secure all property - we are not responsible for lost or damaged personal property- this is a physical haunt experience and it begins as soon as you get your ticket.

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October 27 - 28

7pm to 11pm

October 13 - 14

7pm to 11pm

October 20 - 2​1

​7pm to 11pm

October 6 - 7

7pm to 11pm

Halls of Horror
320 Delaware Ave Palmerton, PA 18071 US
Phone: no phone Website: www.hallsofhorror.net

september 29 - 30

7pm to 11pm

September 22 - 23

1/2 OFF reg. haunt Opening Weekend - no coupons or discounts

7pm to 11pm